People often ask how Downtown Record Storage began. It actually came about through my desire to stay clean while at the office.

Getting dirty and grimy at work isn’t a requirement of my job. And it certainly isn’t one I want either. Every time I would go get old records from our self-storage unit, that’s what would happen. I would spend time cleaning up messes left behind last time someone accessed the files, or moving boxes trying to find the file I needed.

And it wasn’t just me. Our other staff had problems accessing old records too. In fact, one girl was gone so long searching for a file she had to go out and get lunch!

The really frustrating aspect for me was the lost productivity. It was taking far too much time out of our daily work responsibilities. Looking for records was becoming my job. And I was supposed to be using those records to focus on my core responsibilities. I often felt I was accomplishing nothing and simply wasting time.

I suggested we move all our records from storage into our building. But that added only to our space problem. I knew there had to be another way. A better way.

As we discussed the issue, the idea for a better storage solution grew. Before we knew it Downtown Record Storage was born. Now we not only house our own records, but also store other companies’ files as well. And we do it in Cheyenne’s old dairy building.

Please give us a call or come see for yourself!

Dr. W. Carlton Reckling