Employee snooping? Overflowing files?


Do you have storage issues caused by a lack of space in your office? Do you need to keep records away from prying eyes? Our Hard Copy Storage Service removes clutter from your office and saves money on office space by removing your storage challenge. We’ve got your solution!


Data tapes gone missing? Where’s your safety net?


Worried about losing all your business data? Our Media Vault will provide a safe environment for your back up tapes. Secure the lifeline of your business and get access to it when you need it.


Sensitive data. Expired records. You need to shred it!


When files aren’t needed any more, shredding is the ultimate method to get rid of them. Downtown’s Shredding System ensures your vital information is destroyed correctly – whether you use our service regularly, or need one-time assistance.


Instant Access!


You can retrieve a file with a moment’s notice by storing it in electronic format using our Imaging Service. Find out how we can make your work life easier.