Hard Copy Storage

Gain the advantage of managed offsite storage with Downtown Record Storage

  • Secure your company’s vital statistics in a secure off-site location
  • Save office space and manage your costs. Our storage is cheaper than your office space
  • Gain easy access to your files through our open-shelf filing system
  • Prevent prying eyes from stealing company secrets


Downtown stores all kinds of hard copy records from medical records, tax accounts, and legal documents, to X-Rays. We can ease your paper problem with our affordable rates.


Our management support system ensures your files are easily accessed when you need them.


We provide you with comprehensive detailed reports on your records.

  • Boxes & Files by account
  • Boxes & Files to be destroyed
  • Box & File activity
  • Boxes & Files currently out of the Downtown Record Storage facility

How can we ease your burden?

Let us provide you with a free estimate for your Hard Copy Storage

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